Britney Spears Engages Dancer Sam Asgari!


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Britney Spears posted a two-shot video on Instagram on Sunday, September 12, local time.

She revealed that she was engaged to actor Sam Asghari, a dancer and model. She showed off a large diamond engagement ring that shines on the ring finger of his left hand, revealing joy and excitement, saying “I can’t believe it!”.



Post to Instagram

Brandon Cohen, Sam’s manager, also issued a statement.


“We acknowledge and congratulate the two on their engagement,” he said, revealing that the engagement ring belongs to New York jeweler Roman Malaev. Sam was also involved in the design. He also posted a kiss shot with Britney on his Instagram.



Co-starring in MV

Britney and Sam developed their relationship after co-starring in the music video for her song “Slumber Party” in 2016.


Britney has struggled with a feud with her father, Jamie, and has fought for the removal of the power of attorney, but Sam has been supporting and supporting her all the time.


Last week, her father filed a petition in court in favor of lifting the power of attorney, and it is reported that Britney will soon be free. I look forward to the day when Britney and Sam can happily finish in. Congrats!