Remake of the movie “THE GUILTY” starring Jake Gyllenhaal, unpredictable suspense


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The movie “THE GUILTY” starring Jake Gyllenhaal is a remake of the Danish movie of the same name, which won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival. It is a gem of suspense that breathes in the unpredictable story development with a sense of urgency, despite the simple setting of “solving the kidnapping case with just the voice and sound from the phone”.



<Synopsis of “THE GUILTY”>

The stage is the 911 Emergency Call Center. One morning, call operator Joe Baylor tries to save a caller who is in serious danger, but realizes that everything is different than he thought, and the only solution is to face the truth. He realizes that.



Remake starring Jake Gyllenhaal

The remake version has been highly acclaimed for “Brokeback Mountain” and “Night Crawler”, and has also starred in “Boston Strong” and “I can’t meet on a rainy day, I think of you on a sunny day”. Jake Gyllenhaal. Jake Gyllenhaal is not only a cast but also a producer.


In addition, talented actors such as Ethan Hawke such as “Before” series, Riley Keough such as “Mad Max: Fury Road”, and Paul Dano such as “Wild Life” gathered.


Antoine Fuqua, such as the “Equalizer” series and “Magnificent Seven”, takes the megaphone. The script is written by Nic Pizzolatto of the drama “True Detective” series.