McDonald’s, the theory that if you say “this word” when asking for potatoes, you will get “freshly fried”

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When you ask for potatoes at McDonald’s, if you say “this word”, you will get “freshly fried” !? What are the secret tricks that permeate among McDonald’s lovers and the grounds for that?



The key to getting freshly fried potatoes is the “receipt” !?

McDonald’s, a major fast-food chain, holds down regular menus such as royal road hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and hearty big macs, and McDonald’s potatoes shine as the number one popular product.


I think most people say “freshly fried” anyway, there is a magic word that you can get hot potatoes without telling the clerk directly “please fried”. That is the word “Please give me a receipt”.


But what is the relationship between receipts and potatoes? As you may have heard, McDonald’s hires a mystery shopper called Gap Buster to check the service and quality of each store, and conducts unannounced inspections on a regular basis. Of course, the store doesn’t know that Gap Busters will come or their identity, so it’s impossible to cheat to provide better service than usual only then.


However, there are “clues” to tell if the customer is a Gap Buster. A former McDonald’s employee in the UK revealed on Quora, a real-name Q & A site, that Gap Busters often appear between 12:00 and 2:00 pm or between 5 and 7 pm during lunch and dinner hours. So, they tend to ask for a receipt to settle the price of the ordered item.


Most customers are not interested in getting a receipt for a small purchase, so there is a possibility that the customer requesting a receipt = Gap Buster. If the clerk decides so, he may give the maximum service to get a good evaluation from Gap Buster, so the theory is that “If you get a receipt, you will get freshly fried potatoes and fresh burgers.” Reader’s Digest reports that it was born.


By the way, this is advice from a former McDonald’s employee overseas, and it does not apply to all McDonald’s in the world. It’s worth a try, but don’t forget that it’s one of McDonald’s many unofficial tricks on the internet.