French champagne, rapid recovery in shipments, surpassing momentum in front of Corona, increased exports “

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The Champagne Viticulture Association (SGV) in the Champagne region of northeastern France said on the 7th that shipments of champagne in 2021 recovered sharply, about 305 million bottles, slightly higher than the level of 19 years before the outbreak of the new coronavirus. It was revealed that it would be.



Opportunities such as parties are increasing rapidly

In 2019, it was about 297 million, and in 20 it had dropped to about 245 million. SGV Chairman Maxim Tubar said at a press conference in Paris that shipments from January to August this year increased by 5.6% compared to 2019, driving exports. “The speed of recovery is faster than I imagined,” he said, pointing out the possibility that opportunities such as parties that could not be held due to the corona epidemic are increasing rapidly.



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