The official view is not “black”! What color is Oreo? This photo may end the discussion

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The familiar Oreo cookie with white cream sandwiched between dark-colored cookies. Have you ever wondered what color Nabisco sells for Oreo?



Many OREO fans are “black”

Oreo is famous as a cookie sold by Nabisco. Nabisco’s parent company, Mondelez International, said on its official page about the color:


“The color of the cookie part of OREO is not fixed. Some people think that OREO is close to brown, while others think it is close to black.”


Yes, Oreo is not officially black or brown. However, in 2018, a debate broke out on Twitter, “Is Oreo black or brown?” In this discussion, which was attended by many media, about 80% of people chose “black”, so it seems that most people who eat it recognize it as “black”. But the picture seems to show something different.



The truth is discovered in the photo of the mascot of the official event !?


Photos of past events held in the United States. Oreo’s mascot is reflected there …

This mascot is brown no matter how you look at it! Does that mean Oreo is brown, unlike the consumer’s view?

However, the official says, “The color has not been decided.” There is no official answer, but the mascot in the photo is brown …? The mystery only deepens, but there is one thing that is clear. Whether it’s black, brown or unknown, Oreo is delicious.


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