Ed Sheeran, the first voice of his proposed wife was “Joke, right?”



Popular singer Ed Sheeran revealed a slightly bittersweet episode when he proposed to his wife, Cherry Seaborn.



Ed Sheeran reveals secret story of proposal

The Nordic talk show “Shape of You” and “Perfect” and other hit songs by singer Ed Sheeran proposed to his wife, Cherry Seaborn. Skavlan  ”.


“I built a pergola on the edge of the garden, but it was raining that day. Sunset, pergola, wine … and worst of all, it was raining. I went for a walk (to cherry) many times. I said this, but she said “I don’t like it.” I said, “Do I really have to go for a walk?” Time went by. The ring was dated for the day. I was thinking, “I have to do it by the end of today!” And took her out by saying “I’ll ask!”


He was planning to propose outdoors at dusk, but the heavy rain seemed to break his plan. Ed managed to get her out as the time limit approached, but there were also challenges.


According to Ed, Cherry’s parents had been in common-law marriage for nearly 30 years, so she didn’t think marriage was important and she proposed without any conviction that she would shake her head. That is. In fact, Ed’s “bad premonition” is right. The first voice of Cherry, who was told by Ed to “marry me,” wasIsn’t it a joke?


“Then there was silence for a while and I said to her,’Please.’ It was the most humane moment of my life. For example, at work,’Can I do this?'” Most of the time, she said “OK”, and before I knew it, it was taken for granted, but I literally knelt down and that was the situation. She made a big decision in her life for a moment. I had to do it. Thankfully she said “yes”. I’m glad. ”


By the way, Ed and Cherry first met when Ed was only 11 years old. The two, who have a so-called childhood friendship, then went on to the same high school, but at that time they were just friends, and when they unexpectedly reunited in 2015, they developed into a relationship. About two years later, he announced his engagement in 2017 and joined the company in December 2018. The first child, Laila Antarctica, was born in September last year.


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