McDonald’s notices “cheese problem” about Double Big Mac

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At McDonald’s in England, double big Mac is a hot topic. The reason is not only popularity …?



McDonald’s Double Big Mac

Six new menus have been added to McDonald’s in the United Kingdom. Among them, the most notable is the Double Big Mac, which can be said to be an evolution of the popular Big Mac!


The Double Big Mac has been sold in the UK for the holiday season only, and this time it will be on sale until November 16th. By the way, in Japan, you can eat only at night Mac under the name of “Double Big Mac”.


However, fans are also very satisfied with the double big Mac “cheese”, which has become a hot topic. The reason is that even though it is a “double” Big Mac, it contains only one piece of cheese!


A normal Big Mac has one cheese in two patties, but a Double Big Mac has four patties. Nevertheless, the cheese does not double, it remains one.


Internet users who noticed this point said that they had to have at least two pieces of cheese, and that they were a little more dry than Big Mac.


However, even one piece of cheese seems to be very popular with Double Big Mac. That’s because when McDonald’s in the UK sold the Double Big Mac for a limited time last year in 2020, many similar opinions came out online. Despite that, the fact that the cheese was sold as a single piece means that the double big mac as it is is delicious.



McDonald’s, double big Mac back menu bigger


By the way, did you know that McDonald’s in the United States has a larger secret menu than Double Big Mac? Its name is Monster Mac.


The huge hamburger worthy of its name contains 8 patties. And here is enough cheese. As far as I can see, it contains about 5 pieces of cheese.

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