Selena Gomez, who gave up Instagram three years ago, what she got away from SNS


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Selena Gomez decides to leave social media in 2018 to protect her mental health. Three years later, she confessed why she made that decision and how it had an impact on his life.



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She said she was mentally stable by staying away from social media. “I don’t have any social media apps on my smartphone, but if I have content or captions that I want to announce online, I send them to my assistant,” WWD’s Beauty Inc told.


Thanks to that, the new relationship with social media has had good results.


“Keeping away from social media is an important part of how I felt healthy. I’m very happy now because I’m not aware of what’s happening in pop culture. Others People may not, but my life was really saved. ”


She also said she was about to close and delete her account when she became the third-most follower on Instagram.


“Honestly, I thought it was’too much information’. I felt that my personal life was so ubiquitous that I couldn’t control it. My thoughts and everything I absorbed were millions of people around the world. People sent out mainly good and bad things, so I thought, “What on earth? I haven’t got anything from here. There is nothing to benefit my life.” I closed my account. I wanted to delete everything, but the team successfully convinced me not to do that. ”


Serena looks back on her decision and explains why she still has an account.


“But I didn’t have to remove it because it’s a great way to stay connected with my fans. When I resume, I’ll be happy because I’m honest and honest with myself.”