Jennifer Lopez plays the role of a “worldwide pop star” who suffers from a love affair with a math teacher! Excited by the romantic comedy movie “Marie Me”



Jennifer Lopez has decided to release the movie “Marie Me”, which plays a world-class pop star like herself, in Japan!



Jennifer Lopez’s latest work “Marie Me”


The movie “Marie Me” produced and starred by singer and actor Jennifer Lopez will be released in Japan.


The main character of “Marie Me”, which will be a national road show from April 22, 2022, is a cut of a world-famous pop star. I’m engaged to star Bastian, but I fall in love with the mediocre math teacher Charlie!


Jennifer plays the cut, and she demonstrates her singing ability even in the play. In addition, Maluma, who plays Bastian, is the most popular singer in the Latin music world whose debut album “Magia” has been certified as a gold disc in Colombia, and this work is the movie debut. Jennifer and Maruma have also performed the original song “Marry Me” in this work.

And Charlie is played by Owen Wilson, who is also good at romantic comedies. The one who takes the megaphone is director Kat Coiro of the movie “A Case of You is the Beginning of Real Love”.


In a world where “likes” and “number of followers” determine the value, whereabouts of love between the two seeking “real things” …?