MCU “Eternals” is banned from screening, actors state that they “have no respect for the government”


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Haaz Sleiman, who played Ben, and Angelina Jolie, who played Senna, commented after Marvel’s “Eternals” was banned from screening in some countries.



Gay and Muslim Haaz Sleiman Expresses Opinion

The movie “Eternals”, which depicts the first same-sex couple on the MCU, has been banned from screening in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar. Homosexuality is banned in these countries.


According to THR, a number of video editing requests were sent to Disney before the screening was banned, but Disney refused.


The same-sex couple in “Eternals” is one of Eternals, the inventor Phastos, and Phastos’ husband and architect Ben. There is also a child named Jack between the two. Brian Tyree Henry played Phastos, and Haaz Sleiman played Ben. Haas has a Muslim family and is a Muslim himself. And I was born and raised in Lebanon. He moved to the United States at the age of 21 and revealed that he was gay in 2017.




Haaz Sleiman(@haaz.sleiman)がシェアした投稿

Haas, who has such a background and is a party to the LGBTQ + community, told Variety that he was almost crying for Disney’s response when he learned that Eternals would be banned in some countries.


“Disney didn’t change his attitude and said,’No. We won’t compromise the dignity of our film.’ It made the Arab nations very ignorant and pathetic.”


Furthermore, he strongly opposed the countries that banned homosexuality and banned “eternals.”


“I have no respect for these governments. They have shown to the world that they are shameful not only to humanity but also to God. Hopefully this is the people of Saudi Arabia, the people of Kuwait, I hope it will trigger a counterattack by the Qatari people. “



Angelina Jolie also complains


Angelina Jolie, who played Senna in Eternals, also complained in an interview with Australia to those who objected to the portrayal of a same-sex couple.


“I’m sorry (for those who react), and I’m proud that Marvel refused to cut those scenes. The beauty of the Phastos family, their relationships, their love. We still don’t understand that we are alive in a world where there are people we never see. It is ignorant that people are angry, scared, disapproved, or disrespectful of it. “





The characters of the American comics are at the top of the “hero image”, but they have a history of being biased toward white men. In recent years, even in MCU, non-white people such as women and Asians have begun to be appointed as the leading actors. There are few LGBTQ + representations, and until now gay people like Phastos and Ben, and families of same-sex couples have never had the opportunity to see someone like them as American comic heroes. That’s why it was a big step for Phastos and Ben to be drawn on the MCU at the top of the American comics movie.


According to NewNowNext, some staff members were so moved when shooting the kissing scenes of Phastos and Ben. And in that interview, Haas expressed his gratitude that the production team was “with great compassion” in the production. Disney, which took it one step further, did not bend its belief.