Amazon founder’s lover enthusiastically gazes at Leonardo DiCaprio “I have the richest lover in the world” criticized


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A video of actor Leonardo DiCaprio (46) meeting with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (57) and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez (51) has become a hot topic on SNS. When Lauren snuggled up to Leonardo and said, “My lover was stolen,” Jeff responded with his humorous photo.



Leonardo leaning against him, looking up at his face and smiling with a fascinating expression


Leonardo Dicaprio attends the “2021 LACMA Art + Film Gala” held in Los Angeles on the 6th local time, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his lover Lauren Sanchez, a US newscaster.


The following day, on the 7th, when Mark Malkin, a reporter of the US media “Variety”, released this situation on his Twitter, it became a big topic on SNS.


The video captures Lauren leaning against Leonardo, looking up at her face and smiling with a fascinating expression. It looks like Lauren is momentarily turning his arm around Leonardo’s body, even though his girlfriend Jeff is behind him.


When this post is shared with many people on SNS,


“Isn’t Lauren flirting with Leonardo?”


“She has the richest lover in the world, but she still do this.”

“Jeff Bezos has made money all over the world, but it’s absolutely impossible to become Leonardo DiCaprio.”

“If my lover does something like this, I’ll break up with her right away. Jeff isn’t ruthless about her.”

“It’s good that Leo dares to get rid of her by hand, like,’I know what you’re doing.'”


He also shared the video on the official Twitter account of “Bastour Sports” and added the words, “Leo is the man who steals your lover.”


Then, on the 8th, Jeff shared the post on his Twitter account, stating, “Leo, come here. I want to show you what you have,” and showed off his photo.


He has released a photo of Jeff in sunglasses and a baseball cap standing in front of a sign in red shorts in a jungle-like place with lush trees.


The sign painted in red has the words “Danger! A steep cliff. A fatal fall” written in large letters.


A joke-filled message from Jeff received a number of interesting comments on social media.


“I didn’t know Jeff Bezos had such a good sense of humor!”

“It was unexpected that Jeff threatened to push Leonardo off a cliff.”

“Leo may not be able to deliver packages from Amazon in the future.”