Jadis mentions Rick in The Walking Dead spin-off! “Hidden thoughts” are deep …



Jadis, who reappeared in The Walking Dead: World Beyond, mentions Rick!



Jadis became a warrant officer of “TWD” CRM


In the blockbuster drama “The Walking Dead”, the main character, Rick, disappeared in Season 9. The movie version starring Andrew Lincoln is still in production, but the resurrection of Pollyanna McIntosh’s Jadis / Ann in the spin-off drama The Walking Dead: World Beyond has shook fans.


Jadis left by helicopter with Rick in Season 9, and his whereabouts were unknown. In the spin-off that appeared for the first time in a few years, he became a warrant officer of CRM (Civic Republic Military), and the change in appearance and way of speaking surprised fans.


On the other hand, as expected, Rick will not appear. Although I knew it, I was disappointed among the fans, but there was a scene where Jadis mentioned Rick in the sixth episode of Season 2 of “World Beyond” that was broadcast in the United States the other day! So she talked about how she got into CRM six years ago.


“Giving CRM something of great value, I got a new life. I know that the civil community is the last light for the world, and my purpose is new on this planet. Creating an era “




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Why Jadis called Rick “worthy”


It can be expected that the “worthy thing” she talked about was Rick. At the end of the original series, Jadis boarded a CRM helicopter with Rick to help Rick injured, but Rick seems to have been a valuable resource for CRM as well.


It’s not clear what happened after Rick, and I’m worried that Jadis is putting it into CRM, but the statement about Rick is the first step in unraveling what happened after Rick. In addition, Pollyanna, who plays Jadis, said in an interview with Comicbook that she described Rick as “worthy.”


“I’m glad the production team put in a line about how valuable he is. Jadis was caring and deeply respected for Rick and what he did for her. That’s why she said “worth” not just for CRM. “



Rick has survived in a world infested with walkers and has pulled everyone. Jadis had a passion for him.


From the original series, Rick’s lover Michonne, played by Danai Gurira, has also graduated, and I’m curious after that. Since “World Beyond” is a series that will be completed in Season 2 from the beginning, it seems that Rick and Michonne will not be drawn after that, but I would like to wait for further hints leading to the movie version.