McDonald’s finds an “easy and reliable way” to get freshly fried potatoes

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Surprising voices have been raised about the “easy and reliable way” to get freshly fried McDonald’s potatoes.



What is the “certain way” to get freshly fried McDonald’s potatoes?


McDonald’s, a major fast food chain, is a McDonald’s potato that is steadfastly popular despite its side menu. There are many people who feel immoral, but once they eat it, they can’t stop eating it because it’s addictive, and they’ve been sick of the L size.


It is said that such McDonald’s potatoes will be disposed of if they are not sold within 7 minutes after being fried, and it is said that they are always served in a freshly fried state, but sometimes they are “lost”.


At Front Row, for those who really want to eat freshly fried potatoes, “When ordering, say” Please remove the salt “”, “Request a receipt and be a gap buster (*) I’ve introduced you to various tricks for getting freshly fried potatoes, such as “smelling”, but one woman found a more reliable way.

* A mystery shopper who checks the service and quality of each store.

McDonald’s, the theory that if you say “this word” when asking for potatoes, you will get “freshly fried”

I’m sure some people wouldn’t be willing to ask for fried food, but McDonald’s has a “Cook To Order” option when ordering, according to the woman. If you tell me that, it will be added as an option properly.


In fact, in the video I uploaded to TikTok with the comment “I learned for the first time today that I can order McDonald’s potatoes with Cook To Order,” a woman posted a “medium-sized potato” in the confirmation column for the item she ordered. “Cook To Order” was added under the letters “”.

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By the way, this is an example at McDonald’s overseas, so I don’t know if it will work in Japan as well. Also, according to Yahoo! News, Cook To Order is not limited to potatoes, and basically any product can be requested.