Anya Taylor-Joy, who was selected as the “face of the year”, goes to the award ceremony in the costume of “101 dogs”


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Actress Anya Taylor-Joy wins the “Face of the Year” award at this year’s CFDA Fashion Awards, known as the most prestigious award in the fashion industry. Attended the award ceremony in costumes inspired by the movie “101 Doggy”.



Anya Taylor-Joy becomes “Face of the Year”


The CFDA Fashion Award, known as the most prestigious award in the fashion industry, was held at Seagram Building in New York on November 10, local time, and made a break with the Netflix original series “Queen’s Gambit” on December 10. Is the first of the “Face of the Year” awards newly established this year by Anya Taylor-Joy, who is about to release the new movie “Last Night in Soho” starring nationwide. Became the winner of.

Anya, who once confessed to having a complex in her looks, told US ET that she was selected as the “face of the year.” “As I grew up, I became able to love my eyes. When I was little, I was bullied because of these eyes. Now it seems that everyone wants them. It’s an interesting story. “.


On the sunny stage, Anya chose a purple dress from Oscar de la Renta, a leopard print hat and gloves. On the chest, the accessories of Tiffany & Co., who is a global ambassador, were shining.

According to Anya, this costume was inspired by the live-action version of “101 Doggy”. Anya explained to US ET about the costume as follows. “Actually, this outfit was inspired by the opening scene of ‘101’. I like the idea of ​​a classy woman walking with a dog. Think about a typical New York woman. But for some reason, I finally settled on this. ”

Anya became the first winner of the “Face of the Year” award. The award was presented by actor Cara Delevingne, who is known for her good friends. “Tonight, I fascinated the world not only with its unique beauty, but also with the ability to tell stories with eyebrows, blinks, cramps, smiles, and most importantly, terrifying tranquility, this year. I feel privileged to be able to talk about my face, “Carla praised Anya in an Instagram post.