Hurry to Starbucks in Japan! Collaboration between Starbucks and Taylor Swift realized for a limited time



Starbucks releases a limited-time collaboration drink with Taylor Swift. You can also buy it in Japan.



Taylor Swift and Starbucks collaborate


Starbucks announced a collaboration with Taylor Swift, who released the second re-recorded work “Red (Taylor’s Version)” on November 12. Taylor’s favorite drink was released for a limited time.

This is a collaboration between Starbucks, which sells red (“red”) cups at stores around the world every year during the holiday season, to commemorate Taylor’s recurrence of “red,” and is Taylor’s favorite. “Caramel Flavor Non-Fat Latte (Taylor’s Version)”, which is a customized drink, is currently available for mobile order for a limited time from November 12th to 19th.

“Caramel Flavor Non-Fat Latte (Taylor’s Version)” is based on Starbucks Latte and finished with caramel flavor syrup and non-fat milk. The refreshing aftertaste of non-fat milk complements the savory flavors of espresso and caramel.


You can also enjoy Taylor Swift’s music as BGM at stores all over Japan except some stores for a limited time until November 16th.

The collaboration between Taylor and Starbucks has been rumored for a long time, and the collaboration was confirmed by the official Twitter account of Starbucks in the US, which continuously posted tweets that hinted at the collaboration with Taylor.