Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez reunited to show off their good friends on TikTok


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Singer Taylor Swift reunites with her best friend Selena Gomez behind the scenes at Saturday Night Live.



Selena Gomez appears on Taylor Swift’s TikTok


The other day, singer Taylor Swift, who performed the reprinted version of “All Too Well” on the popular comedy show “Saturday Night Live” (hereinafter “SNL”), is behind the scenes. It turns out that he was reunited with his best friend Selena Gomez.


In the approximately 7-second video shot on the backstage of “SNL,” Taylor appears in Luke Francina’s song “Oh no my bestie is a bad b”, “Oh no! My bestie! Is a bad.” Immediately after lip-syncing the lyrics “b-tch!”, The camera switches to Serena, and a fearless smile is projected along with the eerie laughter of “Ihihihihi …” in the song.

@taylorswift OH NO @selenagomez #snl #swifttok ♬ Oh no my bestie is a bad b – Luke Franchina

I don’t know how often the two meet, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen two shots in this way, which delights the fans.


By the way, there are many good friends celebrities who post photos and videos on SNS every time they meet, but Selena explains why she does not post every interaction with Taylor on SNS, “People know about the relationship between Taylor and me. There’s a lot of things that aren’t there, because we don’t feel the need to expose everything we’re doing to the world, “he said earlier in a conversation with Taylor at Wall Street Jounal.