Watch “Get Back” by The Beatles, daughter Paul McCartney and two sons of John Lennon


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The Beatles member’s children watched The Beatles’ documentary “The Beatles: Get Back,” which has been decided to be distributed on Disney +.



Documentary “The Beatles: Get Back” released for 3 consecutive days


The Beatles documentary “The Beatles: Get Back”, which will be exclusively distributed on Disney + for 3 consecutive days from November 25th. This documentary is the first uncut full version of the Beatles’ last live “Rooftop Concert” on the rooftop of Apple’s headquarters in London, and the Beatles’ last. The production process of the 14 songs included in the two albums “Abbey Road” and “Let It Be” will be released for the first time.

Paul McCartney and his daughter Mary McCartney participated in the premiere of “The Beatles: Get Back” in England.


And a few days after the premiere in England, the next premiere was held in Los Angeles. Many gathered at the premiere of The Beatles: Get Back, including Paul’s daughter Stella McCartney, as well as John Lennon’s sons Julian Lennon and Sean Lennon. There was also a figure.


Stella, Julian and Sean seemed to watch the movie together, and Stella released three precious shots on her Instagram.


The McCartney and Lennon families are on good terms with their children, where Sean goes to see Stella’s brand collection and Paul’s son James McCartney and Sean meet, with Julian joining. Is pretty rare.


Fans were delighted to realize these 3 shots that were too precious.