“Review with image” of a woman who bought leggings at Amazon is the level of abdominal muscle collapse


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It was talked about that the reviews of women who bought leggings on Amazon were too interesting. Literally, you’re “stretching”!



Introducing the goodness of leggings bought at Amazon “stretching your body”


It has been talked about that the reviews of women who bought leggings on Amazon are too interesting. It’s been over a year since it was posted, but a recent user introduced it on Twitter and received over 400,000 likes.


This is it.

The review said:


“You should buy it now! I’m thinking of buying all the colors. This (pictured) is scary and I can’t stand up and I’m slipping down the mountain. I’m stuck on rocks and trees. I did, but my leggings never broke. “


The leggings that women praised very much are yoga leggings from a manufacturer called RAYPOSE, and the site explains that they are made of “4way stretch” material that stretches up, down, left and right of “non-see-through”.


The desire and enthusiasm to convey the goodness of this leggings to everyone is fully conveyed, but the situation where I realized the goodness of leggings is too unique. What’s more, even a photo showing the situation was attached.

It was quite excellent that it couldn’t be torn at all in such a harsh situation, but the impact of the photo was so strong that the story didn’t come to my mind. However, more than 15,000 people rated her review as “helpful”, including “the review of the leggings woman slipping off the mountain was correct. This legging I bought at Amazon was exactly what she said. There was also a note by another user saying, “It was a workmanship.”