“Super popular drink” disappeared from the Starbucks menu, customers were disappointed, but the clerk was “smiling”

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One with the “super popular drink” that the Starbucks clerk was pleased to have disappeared from the menu.



Starbucks’ super popular drink was “super troublesome drink”


Do you know the “super popular drink” that the Starbucks clerk was pleased with disappearing from the menu? There are many iconic drinks in Starbucks, but some drinks that the clerk does not want to make too much. The unicorn Frappuccino introduced in the past can be said to be the representative.


Unicorn Frappuccino is a new Frappuccino sold by Starbucks in North America for only 5 days in 2017, and it was an explosive hit with its cute appearance that looks good on SNS. However, while it was very popular with customers, it was also very unpopular with the clerk, and the clerk who was tired of the unusual popularity of Unicorn Frappuccino complained, “Don’t order anymore! It’s hard to make!” There was also an event.


In fact, it was Unicorn Frappuccino who got the most votes from both active and former clerk as “a drink that I was happy to disappear from the menu” in the Starbucks thread on the US bulletin board reddit. The reason is, as I mentioned earlier, it’s difficult to make anyway. In the first place, Frappuccino is one of the most laborious drinks you can order at Starbucks, and Unicorn Frappuccino is by far the most time-consuming and labor-intensive of all Frappuccinos.


In addition, the store clerk seemed to be “traumatic” because it was too popular to keep up with supply and demand, and there was a note saying that “the materials I had prepared were gone in 6 hours.”


By the way, there are some drinks that the clerk dislikes for a completely different reason from Unicorn Frappuccino. It’s Honey Mint Citrus Tea, also known as Medicine Ball. As the name “medison” suggests, it is believed to be “effective against colds”, and some customers who order medicine balls are infected with or suspected of being infected with the new coronavirus, even during quarantine. Regardless, there are people who come out of their homes and facilities to buy, so many clerk are wary of ordering.