The morning Mac life hack that McDonald’s “officially” released is the best

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Another effort for Egg McMuffin! The McDonald’s official in the United States has released an arrangement recipe.



Exquisite material when sandwiched between egg McMuffin


Egg McMuffin, which was born in McDonald’s in the United States and is popular as a morning mac menu in Japan, is actually the 50th anniversary of the menu development this year! In commemoration of that, McDonald’s in the United States recently carried out a campaign that if you order Egg McMuffin from the app, you can purchase it at the price of 63 cents at that time.



Along with that, a hack menu to eat Egg McMuffin even more deliciously has been released! In the press release, four arrangement recipes were proposed with the words “How do you hack your Egg McMuffin?”.


The first idea was to add grape jam and hashed potatoes to the egg McMuffin! It’s surprising to hear that it’s grape jam, but the sweet jam goes well with sausages, fried eggs, and potatoes!


The second idea is to add bacon and tomatoes to egg McMuffin. It’s easy to imagine how delicious this is. Egg McMuffin’s BLT style.


The third idea is to first remove the English muffin from the egg McMuffin. And instead of muffins, the sausages, fried eggs, and cheese are sandwiched between them … Hashed potatoes! It is inevitable that oil will get on your hands, but it will be an irresistible taste for potato lovers.


And the last idea is to put chicken patties and pancake syrup on the egg McMuffin. Waffle chicken, which originated in the southern part of the United States and is eaten with chicken on a waffle and sprinkled with maple syrup, is becoming popular in Japan, and this egg McMuffin recipe is also an arrangement that leads to that. Sweet syrup goes well with chicken and sausages, just like grape jam.


McDonald’s arrangement recipe has many ideas from fans, from big macs and double cheeseburgers to ice cream, but this time it was officially announced by McDonald’s. If so, you should definitely give it a try!