Sandra Bullock reveals a romantic episode with the rumored Keanu Reeves in the past



She talks passionately about Keanu, who co-starred in “Speed” in 1994!



Keanu brought champagne, truffles and a bouquet


A few years ago, after confessing that Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves had a romantic feeling with each other at the filming site of “Speed” co-starred in 1994, the two fans became an it couple in Hollywood. I just lamented that I might have been there. However, Brock finally buried the rumors of dating.

In the cover story of the US version of Esquire, Brock admitted that the two had never dated. However, he added, “I don’t know.”


“I think Keanu is a guy who can make friends with all the girls he’s dating. I don’t think anyone will blame him,” Block said. “So maybe we did well too. I don’t know.”


“But we didn’t have to do anything well. We just walked along each path, growing together, paying homage to each other, going to dinner and trying to work together. The longer I go, the more awe I get at that person. Did he shake me and make me angry? Maybe that’s not the case. ”


She also looked back on the episode a year after the release of Speed. She once told Reeves that she had never tried champagne and truffle chocolate, but at that time he casually took it.


However, a few days later, when Brock was at home with his girlfriend, Reeves rode a motorcycle and brought champagne, truffles and a bouquet. According to an Esquire article, he told Brock, “I’m wondering what champagne and truffles look like.” He mixed with Brock and his girlfriend and even allowed him to apply black nail polish. Immediately after that, he went out on a date.

“That kind of thing captivates people,” Block said. “When I first met him, I took as much time as I could to fill the silence. Feel comfortable, but the faster I stood up, the quieter he became. What happened? I thought it was. ”


“He was looking at me with confused eyes. He was just an adult. I wondered if I said something to touch him. And the next day or two later, He brought a memo or a small package and said, “I thought about what you said.” His reaction was written. ”

Brock and Reeves have previously appeared in “The Ellen DeGeneres” separately and confessed that they had a romantic feeling with each other.


In 2018, Brock was fascinated by Reeves when he saw an old still photo of Speed. “I wonder how Keanu Reeves was sweet and handsome. It was hard to get a serious look. When he saw me, I was …” giggled.


She also reassured Ellen DeGeneres that they had never dated. “I was wondering if he didn’t like me somewhere.”

The following year, Reeves, who appeared on the show, responded to that feeling. When asked if she knew she was in love, Reeves replied, “No, I’m sure she didn’t know I was in love with her.”