Costco, what was sold for “only 150 yen” by “mistake” is dangerous

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I was amazed at the products that were sold at Costco for only 150 yen due to “mistakes” …!



It’s a pain for Costco, the discoverer is lucky


Costco is a membership-based warehouse club that is very popular in Japan because if you become a member, you can get all kinds of products such as food, home appliances, and clothing at reasonable prices. In particular, the food court, which sells cheap and delicious menus such as hot dogs, pizza, and soft serve ice cream, is always very busy.


At Costco, products that were sold at a super-discount price of about 150 yen due to “mistakes” are attracting attention. In a video posted on TikTok, Canada-based Emily Bergman said, “I found this tenderloin at Costco, but I think the price is wrong.” There was a sticker with the price of 150 yen).

@emilybergmann74 Can’t say I don’t provide for the family 😎 #costco #deals #steal #tenderloin #fyp ♬ original sound – Emily Bergmann

This tenderloin is sold for C $ 40.99 per kg (about 3,700 yen), and the tenderloin that the woman was holding in the video seemed to be quite heavy. Nevertheless, the label said “0.04 kg”. In other words, there was some mistake when measuring the weight. However, no one noticed that and they were lined up in the store at the wrong price.


By the way, at other stores, the clerk who noticed something wrong at the cash register will take measures such as re-measuring, but Costco is different. Costco is willing to “accept” their mistakes, keeping the prices on the label even when they have unusually low prices, as in this case.


Before Amy took it to the cash register, she was skeptical that “this is obviously wrong, but I’ll take it to the cash register for the time being”, but when I finished the checkout and looked at the receipt, the price of the tenderloin was 1.64 Canadian dollars. It was a dollar.