How to get free McDonald’s fries over and over again is causing a stir

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A TikTok video showing how to get free fries at McDonald’s over and over again is causing a stir.



A backdoor trick that uses the blind spot of the drive-thru caught fire.


A TikToker’s method of using a winning Monopoly ticket to get free McDonald’s products over and over again has been called into question.


McDonald’s in the U.S. and Europe often hold giveaway campaigns in collaboration with the board game Monopoly, where winners receive cash, cars, and other luxury items, as well as coupons for free burgers, fries, and other popular McDonald’s products.


The video uploaded on TikTok shows a “backdoor trick” using the coupon. According to the poster, many clerks do not scan the barcode when using the coupon at the drive-thru, and the coupon is not collected, so if you use the remaining coupon, you can receive the item for free the next time you visit the store.

Of course, McDonald’s is at fault for failing to scan and collect the coupons, but it is a crime to knowingly reuse a winning coupon over and over again, and it is not a backdoor trick. However, forgetting to scan and collect coupons seems to be a common occurrence, and there were several comments on the video saying that they have done it too, and that it was fine until the tenth time.


As expected, the video in question went up in flames because of its content. As expected, the video in question went up in flames because of its content, and the fact that the cowardly method of using the blind spot of the drive-through was criticized by many, it is now unavailable for viewing.


Incidentally, some people benefited from the McDonald’s and Monopoly gift campaign in a “legitimate” way. As previously reported on Front Row, a woman who found a Monopoly winning ticket attached to a container of fries won a “Gold Card” that allows her to eat McDonald’s for free for a year.