Wal-Mart Lawsuit Won for False Shoplifting How much money did a woman in

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A woman in the southern U.S. state of Alabama was awarded hundreds of millions of dollars in damages this week after being mistakenly accused of shoplifting and sued.



The store used a law firm to get her to pay up.

Lesley Nurse was arrested in 2016 when she and her family were shopping at a major Walmart supermarket when they were mistaken for shoplifters. The purchases included bread, cereal, and other groceries totaling $48 (about $5,400). When she used the self-checkout, she was mistakenly told that she had not paid.


Ms. Nurse denied shoplifting, but the store used a law firm to demand payment. They said they would not take any legal action if she paid $200, which was more than the actual amount. Since Ms. Nurse was sure that she had paid, she filed a lawsuit against the store on the contrary.


On November 29, at a local court, the jury unanimously returned a verdict in favor of Ms. Nurse. At the same time, they accused Wal-Mart of threatening Ms. Nurse, and ordered the store to pay $2.1 million (237 million yen) in damages.


Now, what will Ms. Nurse do with all this money?