Two Tiaras of Napoleon’s Wife Josephine Sold for Around 600,000 Pounds


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Two tiaras said to have belonged to Josephine Bonaparte, the wife of French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, were auctioned in the British capital of London on the 7th, and sold for about 600,000 pounds (about 90 million yen).



The tiaras had been in the possession of private collectors in England for more than 150 years.

According to Sotheby’s, the auctioneer who organized the auction, the tiara had been owned by private collectors in England for more than 150 years, and is believed to have been given to Josephine by Napoleon’s sister Caroline in the early 19th century.


The winning bid for the tiara at Treasures, an auction of precious and rare items, was £450,600 for the more ornate tiara with carnelian, cloisonné and gold, and £126,000 for the other.


This austere piece of jewelry, with its cameos and intaglios, is reminiscent of Empress Josephine’s dignity: her status as Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife, her impeccable taste and her interest in the classical world,” said Kristian Spofforth of Sotheby’s.


The successful bidder has not been disclosed.