“The reason why the role of Trinity in” The Matrix “did not contact the co-stars” is heart-warming


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Carrie-Anne Moss, who plays Trinity in The Matrix series, hasn’t recently contacted Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus or Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith. What is the reason?



“The Matrix Resurrections” continued by Carrie and Keanu


In “The Matrix Resurrections”, Neo of Keanu Reeves and Trinity of Carrie-Anne Moss are back …!


Keanu, Carrie,  and director Lana Wachowski made a comeback in the latest installment of The Matrix trilogy, which revolutionized the world. Meanwhile, Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus and Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith will not return, but the performances of the new cast Yahya Abdul-Matteen II and Jonathan Groff are appreciated.


Regarding Keanu and Lawrence, although the re-co-starring in the “John Wick” series is new to memory, all the popular actors in the trilogy did not reunite in the play. Are these casts in contact in private?

Why Carrie was busy


Carrie, who plays Trinity, said in an interview that she had an email with Lawrence a few years ago and was close to Hugo as a family, but she hasn’t contacted her recently. Each may live in a different place, but for some other reason …?


“I took some time to have a family. For the last few years, I had small children and my days were full. And that (days with my children) was very fast, 18 years later.”


Yes, in fact, Carrie married actor Steven Roy in 1999 when the first Matrix was released, and gave birth to her first child in 2003 when the two sequels were released. After that, in 2005 and 2009, he gave birth to a second child and a third child, and became a family of five.



The child born when “The Matrix” was released is now 18 years old! The younger child was also a teenager, and the production and release of “Matrix Resurrections” was realized at the timing when it became difficult to handle.


It feels like the passage of time, but of course, Carrie’s heart has a love for her co-stars. Finally, she said:


“My family was first, but I love everyone (the Matrix co-star). I wish I could meet Hugo, Lawrence, Joe Pantoliano (*) and everyone else. It would be great if we could get together again. “

* Played Cipher in “The Matrix” and co-starred with Carrie in the 2000 director Christopher Nolan’s “Memento”.