Messi’s wife, Roxo, wears a red dress in a two-shot photo: “King and Queen”.


Last Updated on 12/27/2021 by setagayablueocean


Antonella Roxo, the wife of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)’s Argentine international Lionel Messi, has released a Christmas picture.



Roxo, who married Messi in June 2017, has three children. She occasionally sends out Instagram updates about her very close family, including Messi.


On Christmas Day, the 25th, she showed a two-shot with her husband, Messi. She posted a picture of Roxo in a red dress and Messi in a white shirt standing shoulder to shoulder in front of a Christmas tree.


The combination of the two in red and white evokes the image of two as one as well as Christmas. Fans commented, “Great couple,” “King and Queen,” and “Leo’s face.


Messages of “Merry Christmas” were also received from Messi’s teammate, midfielder Angel Di Maria, and Sofia Balbi, the wife of Uruguay’s Luis Suarez, a close friend from his Barcelona days. In addition, the public relations manager of Christian Dior also sent his voice.