Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly selling himself to Barca


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Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo (36), who plays for Manchester United in the English Premier League, has been linked with a “forbidden move” to Barcelona in the Spanish first division this winter transfer window. This is the first time that a Portuguese player has been linked with a move to Barcelona.



Ronaldo has made his own offer to Barca.

The Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo reports that Ronaldo has made his own offer to Barça. It’s the bomb of the winter market and could be the signing of the century.


Ronaldo knows that Barca is looking for a striker and has offered himself to Barca to sign in this winter market. A few days ago, he contacted his friend, defender Gerard Piqué, who put him in touch with Xavi. And in the last few hours, (his agent) Jorge Mendes has begun negotiations with Joan Laporta,” the report said, increasing the possibility that Ronaldo will make a sudden move to Barcelona at the start of next January’s transfer window.


In addition, the same newspaper reported that Ronaldo will use the mansion where Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain) used to live when he joins Barcelona. Ronaldo is already in the process of choosing his residence.


This is a shocking transfer report, but in Spain, December 28 is April Fool’s Day. The newspaper did not declare that it was a “joke,” but some people are skeptical about such a big story. It may turn out to be a phantom news, but what will it be?