Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Colonel Sanders, arrested in a shootout, has a “real” past.


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Kentucky Fried Chicken’s (KFC) Uncle Kernel has a troubled past.



KFC Uncle Kernel’s Past


Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), which is so popular for its delicious taste that people lick the fingers of their hands after eating it, was created by Harland David Sanders, born in 1890 and known as Colonel Sanders.


Sanders had owned a gas station since the late 1920s and opened a café in a corner of the station in 1930. Surprisingly, KFC has a history dating back to before World War II.


And it’s no surprise that those times were very different from today. Hence, Mr. Sanders has a background that is unthinkable today.


The Shootout That Got Carnell Sanders Arrested


In the late 1920s, Mr. Sanders was the owner of a Shell gas station, and to promote it, he painted signs all over town.


To advertise the station, he would paint signs in various places around town. Then, a rival owner of a Standard gas station, Matt Stewart, was unhappy with Mr. Sanders’ methods and painted over the signs that Mr. Sanders had painted.


Mr. Sanders had held various jobs before becoming the owner of the gas station, but he was also a bloodthirsty person who had been fired several times due to fights. So, when Mr. Sanders noticed Matt’s behavior, he threatened to shoot him if he didn’t stop it!


But Matt was also a hot-blooded person. But Matt, being the bloodthirsty person that he is, did not stop painting on the sign, but rather carried a gun while doing so.


As a result, the worst thing happened.

One day, when he received a report that Matt was painting again, Mr. Sanders went to the scene where Matt was, accompanied by two managers, one of whom took a gun.


Then, upon seeing the three of them, Matt fired his pistol. The bullet hit one of the managers, and he lost his life. Mr. Sanders then quickly took the pistol that the manager was holding and shot Matt.


The bullet hit Matt, who was not injured, but he said to Mr. Sanders, “Don’t shoot! You’ve already killed me,” he reportedly shouted at Mr. Sanders.


All three men at the scene were arrested by the police. Matt was later sentenced to 18 years in prison for killing his manager. Sanders’ shooting, on the other hand, was ruled self-defense and he did not go to jail.


This incident took place in the 1930s, a different time from today. Nevertheless, it is a surprising anecdote to hear as the career of a man who created a global franchise chain.


Gizmode reports that a book by Joshua Ozersky, Colonel Sanders and the American Dream, provides further details on the incident.