McDonald’s “This Way of Eating” Tastes Like Heaven, Try It Now!


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Try combining these two McDonald’s sweets!



How to eat McDonald’s sweets to a whole new level!



McDonald’s, a major hamburger chain that is eaten all over the world. It is very popular because it has flavors that can only be eaten in each country, such as Japanese moon-viewing burgers and gracoro.


On the other hand, fans are also enjoying thinking about the “how to eat” of each menu, giving a new taste to popular products such as double cheeseburgers and BIG MACs.


And now, a TikToker from Sydney, Australia has come up with a way to eat McDonald’s apple pie that has attracted a lot of attention.


I have to do this right now! All you need for his recipe is apple pie and ice cream. He chose McFlurries.


Once you have the two together, it’s simple. Just spoon the ice cream into the apple pie!

@adrianwidjy A MUST DO HACK! @mcdonaldsau combination of mcflurry x apple pie! Delish! #placesinsydney #mcdonalds #mcflurry #applepie #mcflurrychallenge #maccas ♬ original sound – Places in Sydney Foodie


It’s heaven! Seriously! That’s the sound of an apple pie with a McFlurry in it,” he says. The hack, which turned out to be “absolutely delicious,” drew a lot of comments of approval, such as “Oh my god” and “Yes.