The strongest and best collaboration. The North Face x Gucci” collection, I want them all!


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The best and strongest collaboration. The North Face x Gucci” collection, I want them all!



THE NORTH FACE x GUCCI collection’s second volume also has the theme of “self-discovery and insatiable quest



From GUCCI, the second partnership with THE NORTH FACE is here. While faithfully inheriting the first concept of “praising the spirit of traveling to all forms of adventure,” it is a special collaboration collection consisting of a wide range of men’s and women’s categories.


We have a lineup of many items unique to the outdoor brand The North Face, such as outdoor-inspired clothing, accessories, bags, and shoes. New items will be available from Wednesday, January 19th.


Photos and movies shot in Iceland invite viewers to go on an adventure


The location chosen by Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele to represent the world of The North Face x Gucci Collection’s second installment is awe-inspiring, with volcanic black sand and rolling green hills. Iceland is a dreamy place with unforgettable scenery such as glaciers. Gucci’s brave explorers board the unique landscape and enjoy hiking in the Nordic island nations.

The NORTH FACE x GUCCI logo is a combination of the THE NORTH FACE logo, which features three curved lines, the GUCCI logo, and Gucci’s green, red, and green web stripes, and is also used as a special label for the collection. .. Brilliant colors and flower prints designed for this collaboration add to the collection.


Fans of both brands are in for a real treat!


The clothing includes a variety of styles and designs, from bomber jackets and vests with Gucci’s iconic GG pattern all over them, to items that reinterpret The North Face’s original style from the 90s, combined with colorful prints from Gucci’s archives. A variety of styles and designs will be available. Also not to be missed will be exclusive outerwear featuring designs that recreate iconic styles from the 1970s, but with The North Face’s latest proprietary technology consisting of the best features and techniques in outdoor products.

The bags feature four graphic designs unique to the project, including GG canvas combined with bright colors, two floral prints, and a forest pattern, and are adorned with a striking collaboration logo. The item is also a reprint of The North Face’s original daypack from 1968, with leather patches, rope-pull zippers, and web-striped straps. Large sizes reminiscent of hiking backpacks, small belt bags, and new cylindrical bags also add to the look.

The shoes include hiking boots for outdoor use and slide sandals for town use. The hiking boots feature a chunky rubber grip outsole and are designed with a combination of brightly colored leather and GG canvas.


A Special Collection with a Proactive Approach to Sustainability


The second edition of The North Face x Gucci collection embodies both brands’ commitment to supporting environmental conservation efforts, with 100% down insulation made from recyclable nylon made from ECONYL® (nylon yarn made from fishing nets, old carpets and other waste materials). 100% down insulation is RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified by Control Union.

Garment cases, shopping bags, boxes, and storage pouches are all made in a way that reduces environmental impact at every step of the manufacturing process, and all paper and card board is made from sustainably managed forest resources and is uncoated, making it 100% recyclable. All paper and cardboards are made from sustainably managed forest resources and are uncoated and 100% recyclable. The items in this collection come in a special package with a bright pink THE NORTH FACE x GUCCI logo.