Do you agree with the reason why you were charged a hefty fee at a Starbucks drive-thru that you don’t remember? Can’t you?


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A Starbucks drive-thru customer was charged a hefty fee that he didn’t even know he was being charged.



What is the reason why Starbucks drive-thru customers were charged high prices they didn’t know they were being charged?


There was an incident at a Starbucks in the U.S. where a man who used the drive-thru was charged a large amount of money that he did not remember.


The total cost of the items he ordered was $46 (about 5,000 yen) when it was actually $6 (about 660 yen). The first thing I suspect is human error, but it is not a mistake. So what on earth could have caused this?


In Europe and the United States, there is an initiative called “Pay It Forward,” in which when someone is kind to you, instead of returning the favor to that person, you pass the baton of kindness by sending it to another person, and that is exactly what this man was doing when he visited Starbucks.


According to the man, the person in the car in front of him had already paid for him, and the man was supposed to pay for the person in line behind him.

In Japan, “pay it forward” is equivalent to “sending a favor,” but it is natural to feel dissatisfied when you are asked to pay seven or eight times as much for an item that you actually purchased for only six dollars.


As expected, the man was not satisfied and refused to pay, feeling a little guilty about ending the baton relay of kindness that had been going on for 23 cars in his turn.


In recent years, pay-it-forward has gained renewed attention not only at Starbucks but also at many other fast food restaurants.


At Dairy Queen, a popular ice cream store in Minnesota, about 900 customers continued to pay-it-forward for three days during the 2020 holiday season, creating a big stir. It was a big deal.


On the other hand, it is not uncommon for people to get into trouble because what they thought started out as a kind gesture, as in this case, can become a nuisance along the way.