She told my grandmother with dementia that she was beautiful… and her “response” received over 5.4 million likes!


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A TikTok video of a grandmother and her grandson living in England became very popular. Dusty and touching….



Dusty TikTok account of a grandmother with dementia and her granddaughter


Aura lives in Eastbourne, East Sussex, southern England, with her grandmother Agnes, who suffers from dementia, and her family.


Agnes had been in a care home before the Corona disaster, and at the time she was not speaking or smiling. However, Agnes has gotten much better since then, and Aura has been showing her on camera and on TikTok.


Although her initial goal was to share her grandmother’s cheerful state with herself and her family, Agnes and Aura’s dusty videos have become a very popular TikTok, and the account now has about 270,000 followers.


Aura says, “It’s good to have something positive. We don’t see a lot of positive things in the portrayal of dementia. This is a different approach from the norm, and it’s working,” she tells SussexWorld UK.


Agnes’ popular TikTok videos


The most liked video by Agnes boasts a whopping 5.4 million likes!


There, Aura told Agnes, “Grandma. Don’t you think your grandmother is very beautiful? At first, she looked incredulous and said, “You think so? Really?” Agnes responded, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say,” but after being touched by the love from her grandchildren, Agnes then…


An all-out smirk!

@orlaphippsThe loveliest smile of all♬ Married Life (From “Up”) – Sergy el Som

A number of TikTok users were smitten by Agnes’ adorable reactions and smiles.


Also, “Animal Crossing” by Nintendo has impressed Agnes. Aura showed her grandmother what was in the game, and the house Aura built looked just like Agnes’ father’s house.

@orlaphipps #throwback ♬ original sound – Orla Phipps

Aura also released a video showing the symptoms of Agnes’ dementia. The family’s home seems to be decorated with drawings Agnes made when she was 18 years old, and Aura asked Agnes, “Who drew those?” question.


But Agnes did not know. When Aura told her, “My grandmother painted it,” Agnes leaned forward from the sofa she was sitting on and was surprised. When Aura told her that she should be proud of her talent, Agnes smiled and said, “It seems so.

@orlaphipps Grandma is very talented #art #artist #dementia #alzheimers #carer ♬ Married Life (From "Up") – Sergy el Som


Aura said of the video with her grandmother, “It reassures people who are scared and worried because their loved one has been diagnosed [with dementia]. People who have watched the videos have told me that how I spend time with my grandmother has helped them to communicate with their loved ones. Some children have asked me in the comments section what dementia is. So it’s an opportunity to educate people,” he said, pleased that he is spreading knowledge about dementia.