Daughters of elite members of an emerging Russian conglomerate criticize the invasion of Ukraine on social networking sites.


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Women who have parents with close ties to the Putin regime and belong to Russia’s elite class, so to speak, are voicing their protest against the invasion of Ukraine on the Internet.



In Russia, many citizens have participated in protest demonstrations against the invasion of Ukraine.


Sofia Abramovich, Maria Yumasheva, and Elizaveta Peskova, who expressed their support for Ukraine online: …… These women attracted attention because their parents are all oligarchs, an emerging Russian conglomerate that is close to President Putin.

As reported by the American “Fortune” magazine, Sofia Abramovich was an early defender of Ukraine led by President Zelensky. Her father, Roman Abramovich, famously took over English professional soccer club Chelsea FC in 2003. Sofia, now 27, shared an anti-war message image of russia.reality on her Instagram story as early as February 25, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24. In that image, the word “Russia” in the sentence “Russia wants war with Ukraine” was crossed out and replaced with “Putin”.


Against war!




masha yumasheva(@yumashkaa)がシェアした投稿

Sofia Abramovic was not the only one to express her opposition to the war on social networking sites. Maria Yumasheva, now living in London, is the granddaughter of former President Yeltsin, and her father is Valentin Yumashev, now a presidential advisor and a close ally of the president since the beginning of Putin’s administration. Maria’s Instagram account has about 16,000 followers; now 19 years old, she recently posted a “Against War!” along with the Ukrainian flag. message gracefully posted, and also apparently participated in an anti-war demonstration in London.

Elizaveta Peskova, daughter of Russian diplomat and presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov, is also a ceasefire advocate. According to the Fortune magazine article mentioned above, Elizaveta, now 24, is the deputy head of the Foundation for the Development of Russian-French Historical Initiatives. She recently posted a short message on Instagram displaying the hashtag #notothewar (“against war”). However, according to the website Business Insider, the message was deleted a few hours later. The hashtag has been a slogan at Russian marches since the invasion of Ukraine. It suggests that there was “pressure from his father,” who has “vigorously” defended President Putin since the invasion of Ukraine began.


Ksenia Sapchak, daughter of the late Anatoly Sapchak, former mayor of St. Petersburg, and Lyudmila Narsova of the Council of the Russian Federation, also posted a message on Instagram on March 2. Ksenia, now 40, is a journalist and has been interested in politics for several years and has participated in protests against Putin; she is running for the Russian presidency in 2017.The message posted on the social networking site read, “The most important thing now is to put an end to this nightmare through dialogue. The world is facing a catastrophe,” and was accompanied by a photo of a card with hearts scattered across it. The message continued, “Global geopolitical interests cannot be more important than the peaceful lives of millions of people! Vladimir! Please give in! Please! For the children! And for us,” he continued.


Since Russia invaded Ukraine on the night of February 23, many Russian citizens have criticized the president’s actions and called for peace. Anti-war demonstrations have continued to grow, and nearly 1,700 protesters have already been arrested. In addition, as reported by “Fortune” magazine, the slogan “Against War” was spray-painted on the main entrance to the State Duma of the Russian Federation Parliament.