Starbucks Barista on “Facts I Can Tell You Now that I’ve Quit,” “Seriously…”


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A former barista who worked at Starbucks in the UK revealed a fact that she can now tell because she quit.



TikToker reveals the story behind Starbucks


Shabazz, a TikToker living in the UK, was asked by a follower, “Tell me a Starbucks secret you can tell me since you don’t work there anymore,” and after stating that he worked there a long time ago, he blurted out the facts he knows as a former employee of Starbucks! He also revealed various back stories in several videos.


Name “misspelled” on purpose


In Starbucks in Europe and the United States, baristas usually ask the customer’s name when they receive the order and write that name on the cup. While this is convenient for the customer because they can call out their name when they receive their drink and distinguish it from other drinks, it is possible for the name on the cup they receive to be spelled incorrectly.


Many people thought it was because the barista was unfamiliar with the name or misheard it, but there was actually a different reason.


According to Shabazz, he was taught in training that if they misspelled a name, there was a good chance that a customer would notice it and post a picture of it on social media, and the post would become free advertising for Starbucks.


Of course, there would be times when the barista really didn’t know how to spell the name, but there was also this hidden strategy.


That coffee might actually be decaf…?


According to Shabazz, it is best not to be arrogant with baristas, even if you are a customer. To his surprise, he said that he sometimes offered decaf coffee instead of regular coffee to customers with bad attitudes.


It would be up to the barista to take such a “hidden revenge,” but as he says, it would be difficult to notice because the decaf coffee “tastes the same.

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No espresso in Frappuccino


Shabazz also revealed the secret behind Starbucks’ popular Frappuccino.


According to him, Frappuccinos in the UK do not contain espresso, but rather fake flavors. Therefore, he said, if you really want espresso in your Frappuccino, you have to ask for a shot of espresso.


Selling out can be a lie…


Starbucks, a favorite of many, can have long lines during busy times. At such times, they have been taught that one option is to tell people that the drinks that require a lot of work are sold out.


Frappuccinos take a long time to make, Shabazz said, and he avoided ordering them by saying they were out of syrup or that the ice cream machine was out of order.


While it is highly likely that these stories were only conducted in the stores where he worked or among his co-workers, it is likely true that detailed strategies were employed in each of the stores.