McDonald’s worker revealed “the lie I always tell”, so that was it…!


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A former McDonald’s employee in Scotland revealed a lie that he always told. What were they?



Something hard to get at McDonald’s late at night…?


The hamburger chain McDonald’s has long been popular around the world for its “taste that makes you crave it every once in a while,” but there are strange rumors about its desserts, McFlurry and ice cream.


In the U.S., where McDonald’s is based, it is a common belief that the machines used to make McFlurries and other items are somehow always broken, and in the summer of 2021, McDonald’s was even investigated by the Federal Trade Commission. Rival hamburger chain Wendy’s has also teased McDonald’s by tweeting, “What should be fresh is frozen and what should be frozen is broken down.


That phenomenon is in the U.S. and is not heard of in Japan or other countries, but it may tend to happen in some McDonald’s outside the U.S., where they are open late at night.


Jay, a Scotsman who has worked at McDonald’s, posted on his TikTok

to explain the difficulties of working the late-night shift. According to him, the late-night shift had a small staff, so he had to take orders, clean, and even perform kitchen duties all by himself.


And the thing he hated the most was… cleaning the machines that made milkshakes and ice cream!


And he has a lie that he “always told”. Many of you can probably guess what that lie entails at this point. The machine was one that “once it was clean, he didn’t want to clean it again,” and he always told his customers, “I’m sorry. The milkshake machine is out of order.

@rowley._.j they do be lying tho #GameTok #scottish #scotland #mcdonalds #fyp ♬ fashion show(256764) – TimTaj

Has anyone ever been to McDonald’s late at night and not been able to get a McFlurry, ice cream, or milkshake? Maybe there was a behind-the-scenes situation there…?