Madonna: “Now it’s my turn to bleed” Tattoo with a thought for her late mother


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Singer Madonna, 63, got a tattoo of her late mother. Madonna got her first tattoo in December 2020, when she was 62, and this is her fifth. On this day, Madonna’s adopted son David, 16, also got a matching tattoo on his arm with his mother.



Madonna posted a video on her Instagram on the 4th local time, showing the new tattoo being applied.





The video shows Brooklyn, a tattoo artist from the tattoo studio Lovers & Killers, selecting the letters and applying them to Madonna’s right wrist while Sly & the Family Stone’s song “Family Affair” plays in the background.


The new word “maman” is engraved under the “X” tattoo on Madonna’s right wrist, but the “X” tattoo is not the same as the “maman” tattoo on her right wrist. Madonna placed it in May 2021, inspired by her album “X” released in 2009.


In the video, Madonna says, “I am doing this for my mother. The “Maman” tattoo, which means mother in French, is said to be a tribute to her French-Canadian mother.


Madonna Louise Ciccone, Madonna’s mother and namesake, passed away from breast cancer at the age of 30 in 1963, when Madonna was only five years old.


After the video shows Madonna wiping blood from her right wrist, Madonna, who is undergoing the procedure, says, “What happens when you give birth? You’re going to bleed. So it’s all connected,” he said.


Later, Madonna’s adopted son, David, came to check on her and said, “I can’t put my mother’s name in there. Because it’s the same name as mine. It would be like having my own name on my arm,” she explained.


The post was accompanied by the message, “Now it’s my turn to bleed for my mother.


On the same day, Madonna also showed a series of photos taken at the tattoo studio on her Instagram story, in which she and David showed off their matching tattoos.


David, who was at the tattoo studio with Madonna that day, is believed to have gotten a matching tattoo with a design that his mother already has. The design is based on the Tree of Life from the Jewish mysticism “Kabbalah,” which Madonna got just this March.


This will be the fifth time Madonna has had a tattoo: in December 2020, she made her tattoo debut on her left wrist with the initials “LRDMSE” for her six children; in March 2021, the letter “X” on her right wrist; in November 2021, the Hebrew word for “kissed” on her left wrist; and in November of the same year, the Hebrew word for “kissed” on her left wrist. In March of this year, he carved a motif of the tree of life on his left arm.