Jennifer Lopez was “naked” when Ben Affleck proposed to her.


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Jennifer was suddenly caught while relaxing in the bubble bath, and at that moment she was speechless. It also explains why she received the green diamond engagement ring.



Jennifer Lopez Recalls Second Proposal


Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, who is now engaged to actor Ben Affleck, reflected on the time Ben proposed to her in a newsletter for her official fan site, On the JLo.


‘Have you ever imagined the moment when your #1 dream comes true? Saturday night at my favorite place (bubble bath) my beautiful boyfriend got down on one knee and proposed to me. I was caught off guard and just stared into his eyes, smiling and crying at the same time, desperately trying to take in the fact that this was the first time in 20 years that the same thing had happened to me. I was literally speechless. He said, ‘Does that mean yes?’ I said, ‘Yes. And I said, ‘Of course yes.


Last year, when Ben asked her to marry him “again,” after 17 years of resurrected love, Jennifer was naked in the bathtub. But she seemed pleased with the situation: “I was smiling, crying, and feeling incredibly happy and content. It was not flashy, but it was the most romantic event I could have imagined. On a quiet Saturday night, at home, we promised that we would always be together, just the two of us,” he wrote joyfully.

Incidentally, Ben gave Jennifer a green diamond engagement ring because green is her lucky color, as we reported in Front Row, and Jennifer also said in her newsletter, “Now (green) is my lucky color forever.


As many of you know, Jennifer and Ben started dating in 2002 after co-starring in “Geely,” and although they promised to marry, they broke up after about two years. Seventeen years have passed since then, and the two were reunited in April of last year, where they quickly grew closer, making their red carpet debut for the second time as a couple at the Venice International Film Festival held in September of the same year. According to People, they have not discussed a wedding yet, and are currently looking for a house to live in together.