What will Johnny Depp’s career look like after his muddled trial with ex-wife Amber Heard? Experts mention that he can revive his career only if he plays “XX”… What is his future to be concerned about?


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Johnny Depp is a popular actor known for “Pirates of the Caribbean” series. He is currently facing a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard. In this trial, Johnny claims that Amber’s alleged domestic violence claims have ruined his career. During the trial, which is being held every day, Johnny’s comments have been a source of frustration for fans, as he has declared that he will never return to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series!



What in the world will happen to his future career?




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As the trial continues, Judah Engelmayer, a crisis management public relations expert, commented to Insider. The expert believes that the trial itself is likely to revitalize Johnny’s career.


Engelmayer told Insider, “He is too valuable a star to disappear completely from the film industry. But he also noted that even if he were to resurface in Hollywood, he would not be able to appear in “family-friendly” films. ‘His roles will change,’ he said. There will be more independent films and roles as bad guys, criminals, and mafia types. In his opinion, it is not impossible for Johnny to revive his career if he loses this trial.


Engelmayer also cited Mel Gibson as an example, who received backlash for his anti-Semitic and racist remarks.


He was shunned by many, but still received an Oscar nomination for Best Director for 2016’s “Hacksaw Ridge,” and his career briefly recovered with the Christmas comedy “Daddy’s Home 2″ Not as much as before, but still, Mel Gibson is back, and Johnny Depp isn’t seen in the same light [as Mel].” He is seen as more charming and more entertaining.”


Will the day ever come when Johnny will be as active as he used to be?