Johnny Depp’s ex-wife, who is being hounded by accusations of false donations and adultery… The testimony of an “ex-girlfriend model” will make the difference between victory and defeat in the trial.


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With the closing arguments set to take place on May 27 (local time), the muddled trial is now in its final stages.


The defamation trial between Hollywood actor Johnny Depp and his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard, is attracting worldwide attention, including live broadcasts on YouTube.



The prevailing view seems to be that the situation is “in Depp’s favor.

“It all started in 2018, when Ms. Heard contributed an article to the Washington Post suggesting that she had been the victim of domestic violence’ and that she had been subjected to domestic violence by Mr. Depp.


Ms. Depp sued him for $50 million in damages, claiming he was defamed by her. Ms. Heard also countersued Ms. Depp for $100 million in damages, saying, ‘I was treated like a liar.


However, the testimony of Ms. Heard and her relatives has been trumped one by one by Mr. Depp’s lawyers. The video of Mr. Depp smiling in the courtroom when the “rags” came out has become a hot topic on social networking sites,” a local journalist said.


The first thing that was pointed out was the content of the questioning of Heard himself. Regarding the cosmetic goods that Hurd claimed he always carried in his bag to hide the bruises on his face, the manufacturer in question had long pointed out that the products had not been released at the time.


Heard said that he was desperate to evade pursuit from Depp’s lawyers.


“There were also whispers about Heard about an ‘alleged affair’ with actor James Franco, with whom he had co-starred.


At the trial, surveillance video from the penthouse was presented as evidence; regarding the footage of the two huddling together, Heard said, ‘One of my friends. Heard countered that he was just checking on the bruises on my face, but this did not convince the audience, especially since the “allegations” of facial bruises had been pointed out.


Furthermore, it was discovered that only a small portion of the $7 million in alimony from the divorce was donated to human rights organizations and children’s hospitals, although Ms. Heard had publicly stated that she would donate the money.


Heard lamented, “Even if I wanted to donate the money, I couldn’t because of the cost of this lawsuit,” but this too has been called a “lie. In the closing argument, it is said that someone from the children’s hospital will take the stand.


The inconsistencies on Heard’s side are also pointed out in the testimony of the witnesses. Heard put his own sister, Whitney Enriquez, on the stand to claim that she had been violated by Depp, …….


Heard also revealed that he received a letter from someone close to Whitney saying, “I don’t want you to testify that [Depp was violent], because that’s not true.”


According to that person, it was rather Mr. Heard who was violent, and Whitney herself was frightened by the violence from Mr. Heard. This person is also said to be taking the stand in the closing argument.


The most important thing was the psychiatrist called by Heard’s side. She pointed out that Mr. Depp was “a dangerous person with drug addiction and domestic violence tendencies,” but he had not examined her face to face.


In response, the Internet asked, “Did you see ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ (*Depp’s best-known movie) and give him medical treatment?” How about Willy Wonka (*his role in the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”)? (*How about Willy Wonka (who played the role in the film “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”)?


Depp’s lawyers pointed out numerous inconsistencies in Heard’s case. In the closing argument, a person who will have a significant bearing on the outcome of the case is scheduled to make an appearance.


Heard said, “It’s Kate Moss, the supermodel who had a relationship with Depp. Heard said, ‘I remember Kate being violent with [Depp]. I’m afraid of Depp because of that,’ and it is believed that she will say something about that.


It is said that Moss and Depp have had a good relationship since the breakup, and since he will be speaking as a witness for Depp’s side, this testimony is likely to be “the deciding factor.”


Many celebrities have expressed their support for either side in the trial, which has been attracting attention every day.