Johnny Depp was actually involved in the casting of Amber Heard for “Aquaman”! Amber Heard has responded to this claim.


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Johnny Depp was involved in the casting of Amber Heard for the movie “Aquaman”.


A defamation lawsuit currently being held in Virginia, brought by actor Johnny Depp against his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard.



It has been discovered that Johnny Depp was involved in the casting of Amber Heard in the film “Aquaman”.

When Amber recently took the stand, she said that Johnny was not involved in her appearance in “Aquaman”.


However, it seems that Johnny had a different view.


On Wednesday, May 25, Johnny took the stand again, and when asked if Amber’s testimony that he was not involved was true, he replied, “Not exactly.


According to Johnny, after Amber’s audition for “Aquaman,” she asked him to “talk to Warner Bros.


In his testimony, Johnny said, “I called and talked to three executives at Warner Bros. And I told them this,” but was then unable to continue his words due to the “significant” offer. He then added, “All I can say is that she finally got the job on that film. I think we were able to put some of their concerns to rest,” he added.


In cross-examination, Amber’s lawyer asked Johnny about the e-mail that he is said to have sent. He said he once sent an email in which he wished Amber would be removed from “Aquaman.


In 2016, Johnny sent an email to his own sister that read, “That Warner Bros. production, I wish they would replace her with someone else!” to his own sister. Johnny acknowledged that “she” referred to Amber, but declined to say which Warner Bros. film he was referring to.


In addition, he asserts “no” to the question “Did you call a Warner Bros. executive (in this case)?” Asked by Amber’s lawyer.