I’m the one who introduced Kate Moss to Johnny Depp,” claims an unexpected person! Who played the cupid’s role for the once famous couple?


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Actor Johnny Depp is currently in a court battle with his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard. Before his former girlfriend, supermodel Kate Moss, took the stand, an unexpected person claimed that “I was the one who introduced Kate to Johnny.



The person who made this claim was former Vanity Fair columnist George Wayne, 70.

Many people were surprised at the unexpectedness of this introduction, as he is also known as a gossip reporter.


Wayne claimed that in 1994, at Cafe Tabac, then a hot spot in the East Village, he “took her (Kate) hand and immediately took her to Johnny’s table. Wayne further told Page Six about the encounter, “I remember it like it was yesterday! We were there every night.” Cafe Tabac was like our high school cafeteria”.


According to Wayne, the first time Johnny had dinner there, Kate came over with her supermodel best friend Naomi Campbell.


He recalled, “I was chatting with him, and about an hour later [Kate and Naomi] came up the stairs.” ‘The moment I saw her, I grabbed her hand and took her over to where Johnny was sitting. The rest is history. They never left each other for the next four years, right?” he stated.


Speaking of Amber, she told the court that in 2015, she once punched Johnny in the face because she was afraid that he was going to push Amber’s sister Whitney down the stairs. At this time, Amber said that her mind instantly thought of the “Kate Moss staircase incident.” The “Kate Moss staircase incident” is a rumored incident in the 1990s when Johnny was dating supermodel Kate Moss and may have pushed her down the stairs. Kate took the stand and categorically denied this, saying, “He never pushed me, kicked me, or threw me down the stairs. Although she did not mention Wayne by name, she clarified whether or not Johnny had ever pushed her down the stairs.