BTS to focus on solo activities from now on! Fans Shocked by Sudden Announcement, but the Agency Statement: “This is Not a Suspension of Activities


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Popular K-pop group BTS shocked fans when they announced that they would be taking a temporary hiatus from their activities.



On June 14, BTS distributed a group rice party called FESTA Dinner on their official YouTube channel “BANGTANTV.


[Video] BTS #2022BTSFESTA

During the broadcast, RM revealed that while they have accomplished a lot as a group, the individual members need time apart to grow and mature as adults.


RM said, “I thought BTS was different from other groups, but the problem with the K-pop and idol system is that it doesn’t give you time to grow up. You have to keep making music and keep doing something,” he said, revealing the problem.


He added that it was difficult for the other members to make the decision to take a hiatus.


Jimin said, “No matter what happens, we can’t stop thinking about our fans, and we want to be the kind of artists that will be remembered by them. I think each of us is now starting to think about what kind of artist we want to be remembered by our fans,” he commented.


He continued, “I think we are going through a rough patch right now because we are trying to find our identity and it is an exhausting and long process.”


The group thanked their fans and asked them to consider this a necessary step for the group; J-Hope added, “I hope they don’t see this as a negative thing, but as a healthy plan. I think this will make BTS stronger.


The members are now preparing solo albums for their solo activities, which will be announced by J-Hope in due course.


In response to media reports that the group is on hiatus, HYBE, the entertainment company that manages BTS, stated, “They are not on hiatus and at this time will take time to explore several solo projects and continue their activities in a variety of different formats.”