Selena Gomez’s new masterpiece! Highlights of the Drama “Only Murders in the Building” Thoroughly Discussed


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Highlights of Season 1 of the hit drama “Only Murders in Building,” which set a new record for the highest word-of-mouth rating, are explained before Season 2 begins streaming on Disney Plus “Star” on June 28.



A powerful production that became a smash hit with the highest record, 100% rating, and numerous word-of-mouth reviews.

Setting a new record when it debuted as “Hulu’s biggest comedy launch,” Season 1 of “Only Murders in the Building” was a hit with its easy-to-watch 30-minute episodes and a 100% overall rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. The show was a hit with critics on Rotten Tomatoes for its 30-minute running time and 100% overall rating, and eventually became “Hulu’s Most Watched Comedy”. Selena Gomez told Deadline that Meryl Streep also praised the show.

Hulu President Craig Elwich told Vulture that viewer demand from the premiere to the final episode grew by a threatening 135%, “Every week, as new episodes are released, our audience grows and grows. We saw our audience grow by word of mouth,” Vulture said, noting that as of the day after the final episode, the show was “the 14th most in-demand show in America,” putting it at the top of the U.S. showbiz world.

The “True Crime Podcast” Setting Creates Interest


Only Murders in the Building” is the story of three true crime podcast enthusiasts, a man and a woman, who start a podcast program and conduct an amateur investigation of a murder that took place in their apartment building. The story is based on the big Western trend of “true crime podcasts.

Podcasts, which are like radio broadcasts, are exploding in popularity, especially in the U.S. and Europe, and the market size is said to grow from $10 billion in 2019 to $700 billion by 2027. Among them, true crime shows, which write down the scary feelings of listeners, are very popular because of the enjoyment of listening to the testimonies of the people involved and various evidence in detail, and being able to deduce as if you were a member of the investigative team.

Only Murders in Buildings” follows this trend and provides viewers with the fun of “finding the real culprit” of true crime podcasts, plus an element of comedy. In the drama, the dead body of Tim Cono, who lives in room 9A, is found, and the three try to find out the truth behind his death, but Tim Cono himself is a mysterious character, and their relationship becomes complicated.


Conversational drama by a great comedian and the equal presence of Serena.

Steve Martin (Charles), who also writes the script, is a legendary comedian who has grossed over $200 million as an actor and would be considered a “big name” in the Japanese entertainment industry. On the other hand, Martin Short (Oliver) is a comedic actor who has been collaborating with Steve for 35 years, even though they are not a comedic duo. These two greats have created an exquisitely paced and humorous conversation between Charles and Oliver that is “slapstick, yet perfectly suited.

Selena Gomez plays Mabel, who is the youngest but the calmest of the two. Mabel, who is the youngest but the calmest of the three, often interrupts Charles and Oliver’s interactions, and the laugh-out-loud comedy between the three is a major attraction of this film.