Coach Rescues Athlete Who Lost Consciousness During a Match at the World Swimming Championships! Praised for her quick decision and brave action!


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A coach made a split-second decision to save an athlete who lost consciousness during a competition at the 2022 World Swimming Championships.


According to E! News, during the finals of the Artistic Swimming Solo Free Routine, two-time Olympic swimmer Anita Alvarez lost consciousness towards the end of her performance and sank to the bottom of the pool.



A coach made a hasty decision to save the swimmer who lost consciousness during a match at the 2022 World Swimming Championships.


Swimming coach Andrea Fuentes, who was watching the incident, immediately jumped into the pool and rescued her. Fuentes, from Spain, is an artistic swimmer who has won a total of four medals at the Olympics and 16 medals at the World Swimming Championships.

Alvarez, who was safely rescued by Coach Fuentes and another man, was given first aid and then carried away on a stretcher.


After this, Fuentes announced on USA Artistic Swimming’s Instagram that “Alvarez is fine,” and that she is safe. She added, “We tend to forget that this happens sometimes in other endurance sports. Marathons, cycling, cross country… Our sport is no different from any other, it’s just that the place is a swimming pool. Sometimes this happens when we push the limits and strive for more,” she wrote.

To this, fans responded, “Coach Fuentes is a hero!” Thanks for your quick action!” I wish Anita a speedy recovery.” “I didn’t know much about this sport, but it’s really beautiful! I’ve become a fan!” and other comments of praise.


On Instagram, Fuentes wrote, “The doctor also diagnosed that Alvarez is “fine” now. Needless to say, her professionalism saved Alvarez’s life.