Chris Brown’s long-awaited latest album, his first in three years, is available today! The latest music video features a guest appearance by Normani!


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Chris Brown, who celebrated the 15th anniversary of his debut in 2020 and has won a total of 40 awards including Grammy Awards, has released his latest album “Breezy,” his first album in three years following his last album “Indigo,” for limited distribution. On June 21 (Tue.), the latest music video for the track “Wee (Warm Embrace),” which also features Normani from Fifth Harmony, was released prior to the album’s release.



WE (Warm Embrace)” music video

Breezy” is the band’s 10th studio album, following “Indigo” released in 2019. The album includes “Iffy,” which was released in January of this year, as well as a just-released video in which Normani from Fifth Harmony makes a guest appearance and literally “hot embraces” Chris, as well as a rare performance of Chris singing in a band set. The album also features 24 songs in total, including “We (Warm Embrace),” a song that has been attracting attention as a rare opportunity to see Chris singing in a band set, and “Call Me Everyday,” which was recently released. The album also features a number of gorgeous artists at the forefront of the current R&B & HIPHOP scene, including Lil Wayne/H.E.R./ Ella Mae/ Jack Harlow/ Bryson Tiller/Lil Dark/Wizkid/Lil Baby, among others.


In addition, graffiti art featuring the album cover photo was unveiled in many countries around the world over the weekend to celebrate the album’s release. The graffiti art was unveiled on the wall of <Shibuya Manhattan Records>, which boasts a history of over 35 years as a pioneer in the record and black music scene in Udagawacho, Shibuya, Tokyo, known as a “mecca of record culture” since the early 90’s. The graffiti was created by TABOO1, an original member of the Shinjuku-based Hip Hop crew MSC.


Since his debut in 2005, the superstar has released numerous hit songs that have received more than 32 billion views worldwide and have been viewed more than 26 billion times on YouTube. In the past, he was selected as a tribute performer to Michael Jackson at the MTV Music Awards, an annual music festival held in the U.S. He is expected by the U.S. entertainment industry as an artist who will carry on Michael’s mastery of “pop entertainment” for the next generation. Chris Brown has been the focus of much anticipation from the entertainment industry in the U.S. In July of this year, he will begin his “One Of Them Ones Tour” in the U.S. with the release of his new album. His long-awaited album is a must-hear, as he continues to captivate fans with his unique sound and world view, combining his overwhelming and delicate vocal ability with his creative and superhuman dance skills and overflowing talent.