Austin Butler, who visited Japan to promote “Elvis,” had a huge fight with Ezra Miller at a bar in Tokyo! Rumors spread on the Internet, but major media outlets deny all rumors.


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Rumors are spreading on the Internet that Austin Butler, the star of the movie “Elvis,” had a huge fight with Ezra Miller, known for the “Fantastic Beasts” series, at a bar in Tokyo, but TMZ reports that this is “far from the truth.



Ezra Terrorizes Tokyo


Speaking of Austin, he visited Japan with director Bas Rahman to promote “Elvis,” and according to TMZ, sources close to Austin say that Austin did not even set foot in a pub during his stay in Japan.





The rumor started spreading on the Internet when someone tweeted that “Ezra is terrorizing Tokyo. The rumor was that Ezra walked up to Austin in a Tokyo bar and yelled at him, and Austin punched him.


While this rumor is untrue, Ezra has been known for his violent outbursts of late. Ezra has been arrested multiple times for assault in Hawaii. He also filed for a restraining order from the parents of an 18-year-old girl, who later explained in a video that “no one controls my Instagram account” and “I do not have a cell phone for my own personal beliefs. The parents added: “We are concerned for our daughter’s safety. We hope she will get out of this situation. We are considering worst case scenarios and are worried about everything” and “Our daughter has been brainwashed”.


It is also reported that the court has not been able to locate Ezra and has not been able to send him any documents regarding the trial, and he has deleted his Instagram.