The lack of a clear “enemy” in “Top Gun Maverick” is intentional…


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There was a reason why the name of the enemy in “Top Gun Maverick” was not made clear.



Who is the “enemy” in “Top Gun Maverick”?


Top Gun Maverick” is a sequel to “Top Gun,” which was released in 1986. Set in the U.S. Navy, the film depicts the members of the team as they fly fighter planes and go on missions.


The previous film depicted the days of Maverick as a trainee, his partner Goose, and his rival Iceman, and gained popularity as a coming-of-age film. In this film, Maverick returns to Top Gun as an instructor, the next generation of pilots interact with each other, and Rooster, the son of the dead Goose, rebels against Maverick, but in the end they form a father-son bond. The film has undergone a transformation.


That said, there was one point that the production team was particular about. That is, they did not clearly identify the “enemy” of Maverick and his friends.

Since “Top Gun Maverick” is a story about the U.S. Navy, it is possible to clearly name some country as the enemy. Historical war films often use World War II or the Vietnam War as their subject matter, and the names of the countries involved are given accordingly. There may also be fictional stories that set up the names of countries that do not exist today as enemies.


In this film, however, neither the name of a country that actually exists nor the name of a country that does not exist is used, and the enemy is not identified. In an interview with Vulture, director Joseph Kosinski said, “We don’t give the enemy a face or a name.


The fact that we don’t identify the enemy, that we don’t give them faces or names, is something that we did with a very clear intention. It’s not the purpose of the film, because it’s a competition film. It’s a competition film. It’s a film about friendship, about sacrifice, and it’s everything that the first film was about. So that (not identifying the enemy) was very intentional. Of course, we made this film in 2018, so the world has changed since then. But we focused on what the film “Top Gun” is about. It’s more of a sports movie than a war movie.”


The two “Top Gun” films are not war films, even though they are set in the Navy. The director’s point is one that fans will agree with, and it is the reason why “Top Gun” is so popular.


Top Gun Maverick” was produced in 2018, before the Corona disaster, and some fans may wonder if something could have possibly been different if it had been made after Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine in 2020, but even “Top Gun” in 1986 did not have a clearly defined enemy, and it is unlikely that an enemy would have been set in the sequel, which was produced with deep respect for the original’s stance.