Stranger Things Season 4 Final Episodes Finally Available! That person is going to die! What will be the fate of the children?


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On July 1 (Fri.), the long-awaited second part of “Stranger Things” Season 4 was released on Netflix.



In this issue, we introduce the synopsis of the final episode of Season 4.

In the ninth and final episode, Nancy (played by Natalia Dyer), Steve (played by Joe Keely), Robin (played by Maya Hawk), Lucas (played by Caleb McLaughlin), Max (played by Saydee Sink), Eddie (played by Joseph Quinn), Dustin ( Gayten Matarazzo), and Erica (Pria Ferguson) come up with a four-step plan to defeat Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower).


Meanwhile, far from Hawkins, Elle (played by Millie Bobby Brown) realizes that Vecna has the ability to control her mind and tries to protect Max, who is being used as a “decoy” to defeat Vecna. Elle uses a sensory deprivation tank to enter Vecna’s mind and fight against him, but she is unable to compete with his strength beyond her imagination, and as a result, she and Max are taken prisoner.


Eddie, who was working with Dustin at the time, succeeded in attracting the bat-like monster from Vecna to themselves by making a metal sound with his guitar so that Nancy and the others could infiltrate the mansion where Vecna was hiding. Meanwhile, Elle, who had been captured by Vecna, regained her power with a shout from Mike in the real world and managed to pull Max, who was about to be killed, away from Vecna.


Hopper, Joyce, and Murray and their colleagues in Russia also wiped out the mind flayer-infested Demogorgon, which resulted in deep damage to the powerful Vecna. Thanks to their efforts, Nancy, Steve, and Robin succeeded in defeating the main body of Vecna. The strategy was put to good use, but the aforementioned Eddie was unable to withstand the attack from the monster and regrettably lost his life.


Max was able to avoid death in the nick of time due to Elle’s counterattack, but when his mind returned to the real world and he collapsed on the floor of the mansion, his limbs were broken in unnatural directions, his eyes were bleeding, and he could not see anything. She was then taken to the hospital, but she never regained consciousness, and was shown lying in a hospital bed, a shocking end to her life.


Although details have yet to be announced, “Stranger Things” will reach its finale in Season 5. How will the Duffer Brothers, the original creators of the show, guide the children’s fates?