Dwayne Johnson cried so hard at a fan service that grown men cried! Dwayne Johnson himself was moved to tears… What on earth did he do?


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Dwayne Johnson, aka “The Rock,” made a grown man cry.


According to TMZ, Dwayne Johnson visited Mexico to promote his DC movie “Black Adam. Dwayne was surrounded by many fans at an event held in Mexico City, and one of the fans offered him the belt from the professional wrestling show “WWE” in which Dwayne was active under the name of “The Rock” and begged for his autograph.



It seems that Dwayne Johnson, aka “The Rock,” made a grown man cry.


Dwayne Johnson is known for being very generous to his fans. Here, too, he took the belt offered to him and willingly signed it.


The male fan’s face was a mixture of incredulity and smiles, and his hands began to shake. More and more tears welled up, and their eyes sparkled.


Finally, this male fan received the signed belt from Dwayne himself with a smile on his face. Thank you, thank you,” he said, shaking hands with a truly emotional look on his face.




Dwayne Johnson(@therock)がシェアした投稿

Dwayne posted this video on his social networking site. He wrote, “Emotional night. Lots of tears of joy.” “Even my cold dark heart is touched when I see someone start to cry. It’s a beautiful thing. Thank you, Mexico. I love you,” he joked, sending a message.


Black Adam” is a DC movie that star Dwayne has been trying to bring to life since 2008, a spin-off of the popular DC Comics film “Shazam! (2019), the film will be a spinoff of the original, focusing on Shazam’s nemesis, Black Adam. After several production delays, filming began earlier this year under director Jaume Collet-Serra with a stellar cast, including Pierce Brosnan in addition to Dwayne. The film is also being touted as a work that will change the course of the entire DCEU.